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Week 6 Assignments


This week, you will start doing actual project feedback on the Portfolios and Storybooks. That will be good practice for the feedback strategies you learned about earlier in the semester, and I hope you will enjoy both giving feedback to others while also getting feedback about your own project.


Also, if you have not been taking advantage of the extra credit options so far, I would really urge you to build some extra credit into your weekly schedule. If you can find one or two of those extra credit options to do each week, that will allow you to finish up this class one or two week early. And believe me: when things get more and more intense in your other classes near the end of the semester, you will be glad to have this class finished up already. You might want to check out this page with Advice from Last Year's Students. Working ahead and doing extra credit are both highly recommended.


Reading - Storytelling - Project - Feedback - Comments - Extra Credit





Click on the link for your class:


Tuesday due date: READING 

4 points  appx. 1-2 hours 
Here are the Notes guidelines plus all the different Reading Notes Strategies to experiment with. Have you tried any of the formatting strategies? For example, you might try putting your own storytelling ideas in bold so they will just right out at you when you are ready to write your story.
Wednesday due date: READING  4 points  appx. 1-2 hours 





Thursday due date: STORYTELLING

4 points  appx. 1 hour

The Story Lab option is available again this week! Here's how that works: Week 6 Story Lab OR Story. You can write a story OR you could do one of those Story Lab options. For those of you working on a Storybook as your project, you will see there are some specific Story Lab options that you can choose from, such as using this assignment to do some Storybook reading/research.







Here are the final assignments for the week:



8 points  appx. 60-90 min.

Check the email you received from me last week to see what you have due for Week 6; you will find all the assignment links here on the Project Overview page. Each week the email I send back should have a link for the upcoming assignment, but if I forgot to include that, just let me know. Each person is on their own schedule, depending on whether you are doing a Storybook or Portfolio, if you missed a previous assignment, how much revising you are doing, etc. etc.

PROJECT FEEDBACK 6 points 45 min. - 1 hour

For the Project Feedback, you will be commenting on people's projects starting this week! You will comment on three projects, two assigned at random and one free choice. Unlike the blog comments, the feedback on the projects is more detailed, so make sure you budget enough time for that; the Project Feedback assignment will take more time each week than the blog commenting does.

BLOG COMMENTS 4 points 30 min. - 45 min.

Here is a link to the assignment: Blog Comments. You can decide what works better for you: to do the blog commenting before the feedback assignment, or after; whether to do it at the same time or at different times, etc. For the rest of the semester, you will be commenting on both projects and on blog posts every week, so you'll want to figure out the best routine for that, based on your personal preferences.





Have you missed some assignments in previous weeks? If so, do some extra credit to make up for those points you missed. You can use this Progress Chart to see if you are on track for the grade you want. See Week 2 Extra Credit for details.


You can do these extra credit options any time during the week.

Extra Reading. Make up missed reading or explore new topics in your class: Myth-Folklore or Indian Epics.

4 points  45 min. - 1 hour 
Extra Commenting 4 points  30 min. - 45 min.
Tech Tips.  2 points 15 min. - 30 min. 
Growth Mindset/Feedback 2 points   15 min. - 30 min.
Learning by H.E.A.R.T. 2 points   15 min. - 30 min.
Wikipedia Trails
2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 
These additional extra credit options are for the end of the week OR you can use them at the START of the new week, looking back on the week you just finished:
Famous Last Words 2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 
Back-up and Review 2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 








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