Week 9 Assignments


I hope you enjoyed the Review Week last week, and this week it's time to get back into the reading once again. The reading for Myth-Folklore is another week of stories from Asia or Africa, while this is the last week of Mahabharata reading in the Indian Epics class.


Reading - Storytelling - Project - Feedback - Comments - Extra Credit





Click on the link for your class:

Here are the Notes guidelines plus all the different Reading Notes Strategies you might want to try. Now that we are in the second half of the semester, that is a great time to begin experimenting, based on what you learned about the reading notes so far and also trying some new things to see what strategies might be helpful for your own reading and writing style.

Tuesday due date: READING 

4 points  appx. 1-2 hours 
Wednesday due date: READING  4 points appx. 1-2 hours 





Thursday due date: STORYTELLING

4 points  appx. 1 hour

Here are the assignment guidelines: Week 9 Storytelling. It's time to get back into storytelling mode after the Review Week last week!







Here are the final assignments for the week:



8 points  appx. 60-90 min.

Check for the last email you received from me about your project; you will find the link you need for this week's assignment in that email. If you need me to send you the email again, just let me know! To see the project assignments for the whole semester, visit the Project Overview page.


PROJECT FEEDBACK 6 points 45 min. - 1 hour

Here are the instructions for Week 9: Project Feedback. This week there is an option to read a project from the other class if you are curious to see what's happening there.

BLOG COMMENTS 4 points 30 min. - 45 min.

The Blog Comments are a mix of stories this week, mostly from Week 9 but also from earlier weeks. I hope you will see some stories that you enjoy, and you might even get some ideas for storytelling strategies you want to use.





I would urge you to do at least some extra credit every week now that we're into the second half of the semester; it's a great way to build up a cushion of extra points that you might need if you happen to miss some assignments later on as things get more hectic in your other classes. You can check this Progress Chart to see if you are on track for the grade you want to receive in this class. See Week 2 Extra Credit for details. 


You can do these extra credit options any time during the week.

Extra Reading. Make up missed reading or explore new topics in your class: Myth-Folklore or Indian Epics.


Extra Commenting

4 points  45 min. - 1 hour 

Extra Writing: Microfictions OR Microfiction Revision

4 points  30 min. - 45 min.
Check-in/Connection. 2 points
15 min. - 30 min.
Growth Mindset OR H.E.A.R.T. 2 points   15 min. - 30 min.
Wikipedia Trails
2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 
Tech Tips.  2 points 15 min. - 30 min. 
These additional extra credit options are for the end of the week OR you can use them at the START of the new week, looking back on the week you just finished:
Famous Last Words 2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 
Back-up and Review 2 points   15 min. - 30 min.