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Tech Tip: Canvas App


One of the main reasons that OU wanted to adopt Canvas was because of its commitment to mobile access. Since we don't use Canvas for a lot of content in this class, that's not directly relevant to this class, but you might still find the Canvas app useful, either for this class or for other classes using Canvas. I've linked here below to the different Canvas Help Center videos about their app, and because I'm guessing the iPhone might be of the greatest interest, I embedded the iPhone video below.


For this tip, install the Canvas app on your device(s) of choice and then write a blog post where you report back on how that is working for you!


And yes, if you have already installed the Canvas app, that's great: you can write up a blog post about the experience you've had using the app so far.




Finishing Up: If you have installed the Canvas app on a device, you're done! Write up a blog post about the experience: which device you are using, if you had any problems with the installation, along with how you think you will use the mobile Canvas app.  Make sure to include the phrase "Tech Tip: Canvas Mobile App" in your blog post title and also use "Tech Tip" as the label on the post; then you can do the Declaration.

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