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Tech Tip: Canvas Dashboard


Now that you may have multiple semesters of classes on your Canvas Dashboard, you might want to go through and clear that out. It is up to you what classes appear on your Dashboard!


Here is the Canvas Guide to using the Dashboard: How do I use the Dashboard? There is information here about the sidebar area and grades access from the Dashboard, with additional information here: How do I use the To Do list and sidebar in the Dashboard?


You can add nicknames for your courses! Course nicknames appear in the Dashboard and Course Navigation, and also in notification emails. Here is information about nicknames and other course card features: How do I view course cards in the Dashboard? 


And here's how to add or remove courses from the Dashboard view: How do I customize my Courses list?


There are also settings you can access on the Dashboard, and I would urge everybody to turn off the color overlay feature so that you can see your course card image clearly. If your other instrutors are not using course card images, tell them about it! Being able to add course card images if a fun feature in Canvas, and it just takes instructors a minute to do that in the course settings. Use the Settings gear to turn off the overlay:



Finishing Up: Write a blog post with the title "Tech Tip: Canvas Dashboard" in your blog post title and "Tech Tip" as the label, and let me know what you think of the Canvas Dashboard. Do you use the Dashboard sidebar? Have you configured the Dashboard to make it more useful? In general, how do you like the Canvas Dashboard? Is there something you would like to see on the Dashboard that you cannot see there now? Canvas is very good about getting feedback from users and adding new features in response to that feedback, so please share any ideas you have!



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