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Week 8: Progress


This assignment is for checking on your class progress so far and writing up a blog post with your thoughts.


  • use the weekly label at your blog to take a quick look through your posts week by week 
  • check your total points and use the Progress Chart to see how you're doing with the assignments overall  


1. Looking back. Are you happy with your progress so far? What are you most proud of? Do you have a good weekly routine? What are the class assignments that you enjoy the most? Are you using any of the extra credit options? How have things gone in terms of developing your blog and building your website? 


2. Looking forward. Are there any changes you want to make for the second half of the semester? Any pitfalls you want to avoid? Something new you want to try in your writing? Anything you want to change about your blog or your project website?


3. Image. Find an image to motivate you for the big push through to the end of the semester!


Give your post the title "Week 8 Progress," and use Week 8 as the label. When you are done, do the Declaration as usual: 


DECLARATION: Week 8 Progress.

I have published a blog post with my thoughts about my class progress.

POST TITLE: I used "Week 8 Progress" as the title.

POST LABELS: I used Week 8 as the label.

IMAGE: I Included an image with image information.



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