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Technology Tips: Learning Style Inventory


This is not exactly a technology tip, but it is a good example of online technology! Using this Learning Style Inventory, you can take a quick survey online in order to get some information about your own learning styles.


There are lots of these learning inventories online, but what I like about this particular inventory is that it shows your styles on four different scales, so that you can see if you are in the middle or strongly at one end or the other of different scales. Along with the chart that shows your results, there is a useful page which gives descriptions and study tips for each of the different kinds of learning styles.


For example, my learning inventory shows that I am strongly intuitive (not sensing) and verbal (not visual), somewhat more global than sequential, and a bit more active than reflective, as shown on the chart below. 



Here is what you need to do to complete this Technology Tip:


STEP ONE: Answer the questions at the Learning Style Inventory page. VERY IMPORTANT: As soon as it displays your results, click File-Save in your browser, just to make sure you don't accidentally lose your results. You can save the page to your computer desktop and then throw it away later.


STEP TWO: Take a screenshot of your results (screenshot instructions).


STEP THREE: Read through the descriptions and study tips for each of the different kinds of learning style in order to understand your results. Are you in the middle of the scales, or are you at the extreme end of one or more of the scales? Can you learn anything useful from the study tips provided for each of the learning types?


STEP FOUR: Send me an email containing the screenshot of your learning style results, and also let me know if you thought this was a useful inventory, and whether you learned anything valuable from reading through the learning styles and study tips. Make sure you use this subject line: TechTip Learning Styles.


When you have sent in the email, you can do the Gradebook Declaration for Extra Credit. Here is the text of the Gradebook Declaration you will complete:



I have completed the Technology Tip assignment and sent the instructor an email as required.






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