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Technology Tips: Adding an RSS Feed to your Ning Profile Page


Adding RSS to a webpage is a way to that fresh, new content can be added to the page automatically. You can probably find an RSS feed for any news source you read online, along with any blog that you read. There are also lots of other websites that offer RSS feeds, too!


Example. For an example of how this works, you can see how I have added a feed for one of my Latin blogs, so that the new posts automatically show up on my Ning Profile page - here is a screenshot of what that looks like.



INSTALL A FEED. For this assignment, you will choose a feed - either from your own blog, or from a blog that you read, or from some other website - and add that feed to your Ning Profile page, following these instructions for Adding an RSS Feed to Your Ning Profile. If you are not sure about what feed to add, you might be interested in one of the OU- or class-related feeds such as the OU Daily, your favorite team at SoonerSports.com, etc.


MAKE SURE THE FEED WORKS. When the feed is working successfully, you will see the content automatically displayed on your Profile page. If you get an error message, try again - or just choose a different feed (sometimes a given feed may not be working properly in order to display in the Ning).


SEND EMAIL. When you are done, send me an email containing the ADDRESS OF YOUR PROFILE PAGE and make sure you use this subject line for the email: TechTip NingRSS.


When you have sent in the email, you can enter this tip on your GoogleDocs Checklist and then do the Gradebook Declaration for Extra Credit. Here is the text of the Gradebook Declaration you will complete:



I have completed the Technology Tip assignment following the instructions provided.


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