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Bibliography Tips


Here are some Bibliography Tips for commonly used online sources for this class: Sacred Texts Archive, The Baldwin Project, Andrew Lang Fairy Books, SurLaLune Fairy Tales, and Dan Ashliman's Folklore and Mythology Texts.


Bibliography Tips: Sacred Texts Archive


Most books at Sacred Texts have an "Index" link at the top of each page. In order to get the information you need, you have to click on the "Index" link and that will take you to the "Index" page which contains the publication information (shown on the right).




Bibliography Tips: Sur La Lune


To find the bibliography information for the books at the Sur La Lune website, check the bottom of the page and you should be able to find the information you need about the book. NOTE: Heidi Anne Heiner is the webmaster for this website, but she is NOT the author of the books.




Bibliography Tips: Baldwin Project


Almost all of the material at the Baldwin Project is previously published material. In order to find the publication information, there are two options. One option is to click on the author's name, and you should see a list of all the books by that author with their year of publication.



Another method is to go to the Table of Contents (see picture on left). Then, from the Table of Contents page you can click on the link that says "About This Text" (see picture on right).





Bibliography Tips: Andrew Lang Fairy Books


When you are citing from Andrew Lang, you need to provide the Fairy Book title (Green Fairy Book, Crimson Fairy Book, etc.), along with the year of publication. If you are using the Andrew Lang Fairy Books website, you will find the title of the Fairy Book at the top of each story. You can then click on the title link to access the year of publication and other information about that particular fairy book. In addition, you may find additional information about Lang's particular source for the story. In the example provided here, he just says "Madame d'Aulnoy" - which is not a complete citation, but it is better than nothing - a little web research using that name will get you to this famous collection of French fairy tales pretty fast!)




Bibliography Tips: Folklore and Mythology Texts


One of the very best websites you can find for folklore and mythology is the Folklore and Mythology Texts website run by Dan Ashliman. He provides material from a huge variety of printed sources, and you will find bibliography information at the bottom of each story (be careful: there are often multiple stories on a single page, so you need to make sure you are looking at the bottom of the particular story you are using in order to get the correct information).



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