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Image Information and Video Information


I don't know about you, but I am fascinated by images. When I see images online, I am often curious about them and want to know more. Exactly what does the image show? Where does the image come from? Unfortunately, many images on the Internet don't come with the information that answers those questions. For this class, though, you need to provide information with the images you use so that people will know what the image shows and where it comes from. So, when you use an image for a blog post or a webpage in this class, you need to include image information:


(1) There needs to be some kind of CAPTION or description of the contents of the image along with information about the creator of the image if known.


(2) There needs to be a LINK to the web source where you found the image so that your viewers can click and go learn more about the image if they want. This means a link to a webpage, not a link to a search engine and not a link to an image file (see below for more information about that).


Note: On this page, I have put the captions under the image, but that is not required. In fact, it is often better (less distracting) to put the image information down at the bottom of the page with your other bibliography information. Providing information about the images is very important, but where you put that information on the page is totally up to you!



Image with caption and link:



Collage compiled by 19th-century photographer
Mary Georgina Filmer (1838-1903). Source: Wikipedia




Video with caption and link:


(NOTE: This embedded video may not display on all browsers because of different security settings, which is why it is important to provide the YouTube link in the caption. If people cannot see the embedded video, they can click on the link and see the video at YouTube.)



"LEGO Voldemort Goes Wand Shopping" video at YouTube



Images you create : If you are using an image you created yourself (a photo you took, a drawing or a painting you created, etc.), then you do not have to provide a link to a web source. Just make sure you provide a title for the image and give yourself credit as the source for the image. Here's an example:


(Image Information: personal photo of our cat Ralph;
photo from January 2013.)



Generated image. If you used an online tool of some kind to create the image, please include a link to that tool. Here's an example of a meme created with an online tool:


(image created with the Einstein Generator)



In addition, please pay careful attention to the following guidelines:



WEB SOURCE LINKS: The link to your web source needs to be a link to an actual webpage, not a link to the raw image file or to an image search engine's result page. Linking to the image file provides your viewers with no new information, but a link to a webpage is potentially very useful!


Example of a webpage link - it works! - click on the link to see a webpage:

Shiva as Lord of the Dance. Web Source: Wikimedia Commons.


Example of an image file link - this does NOT work - click on the link and there is only the image again:

Shiva as Lord of the Dance. Web Source:





DETAILS IN CAPTION: You may need to do some image research in order to come up with a good caption, especially if you are using a work of art. If you are using a painting, for example and the web source where you found the painting does not give the artist's name, you can use Google Search-by-Image to find out who the artist is in order to include the artist's name in the caption. 



For additional information about searching for and researching images, see this page: Finding and Using Images Online.


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