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Famous Last Words


The Famous Last Words assignment is an extra credit blog post option that is available every week. It is kind of a "note to yourself" about how you are doing so far in the class. You can use these weekly blog posts as a way to record your progress and experiences week by week, and then you'll have something to look back on at the end of the semester to see how your semester evolved week by week. The semester gets so crazy and hectic... but taking just a few minutes to pause and reflect can really help put things into perspective. Plus, it can be fun at the end of the semester to look back over your "Last Words" to get a sense of how things progressed overall!


Here are some questions to help you get started. You can write a lot about just one question, or write a little bit in response to several questions — it's totally up to you, based on what fits you, your life, your week, etc.


  • Your reading for this week. How did the reading go for you this? Did you have time to do both portions or your reading, or did you end up with the half-reading option? What do you remember best about the reading? Did it leave you with questions or ideas to pursue in your future reading?
  • Your best writing for this week. Where did you do your best writing this week — in this class? In another class? For work? Did you write something this week that you thought was really excellent? Have you discovered some good strategies for getting into the writer's groove when you do the assignments for this class? Did you experiment with a new creative writing style this week?
  • Other people's writing. Did you read something excellent written by someone else in the class? What made the story successful in your opinion? Is this a writing style you might want to try out yourself in the future?
  • Your other classes. How are things going in your other classes? Are there any connections you are noticing between your other classes and stuff you are doing for this class?
  • Outside of school. Do you have a item you'd like to share about a topic that is important to you and which appeared in the news this week? An exciting event you attended on campus? 
  • Next week. What are your plans and hopes for next week in this class? In your other classes? And beyond school...? 


Image. Please make sure you include at least one image in the post, with Image Information. 


Requirements. Your post needs to be a minimum of 300 words long. Make sure you do a spellcheck and a word count, and please proofread your post by reading it out loud. For the title, include the words "Famous Last Words" plus your actual title (for example. Famous Last Words: Surviving midterms). For the labels, include "Famous Last Words" plus the week: Famous Last Words, Week ___ (separated by a comma).


When you are done, you are ready to complete the Gradebook Declaration!



I published a blog post with my famous last words.

POST TITLE: I used "Famous Last Words" plus a specific title.

(example. Famous Last Words: Surviving midterms)

POST LABELS: I used the label "Famous Last Words" plus the week.

(example. Famous Last Words, Week 2 — separated by a comma)

LENGTH: My post is at least 300 words long.

IMAGE: I Included at least one image with image information.


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