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Myth-Folklore Bibliography Assignment


Books, books, and more books. Mythology and folklore is a HUGE subject area. My main goal as a teacher is not to teach you what you need to know about mythology and folklore but instead to show you where you can go to read stories and learn about the great storytelling traditions of the world. The Internet is an amazing resource, and I hope that during this semester you will discover enough books online that you might have enough to read for the rest of your life. Seriously! I know that I will never run out of mythology and folklore books to read online, that's for sure. :-)


Free books from the public domain. If a book was published before the year 1923, it is part of the "public domain," meaning that it is no longer copyrighted and can be freely reproduced on the Internet. That is why you will be able to explore hundreds of mythology and folklore books online; with only a few exceptions, all these books were published before 1923. In addition, if you would like me to recommend more recent books on a topic that are available in Bizzell Library, just let me know! The online books are the most convenient source for an online class, but of course Bizzell Library is also filled with marvelous books that you can use in your research too.


Sources for your Storybook. As you already know from visiting the Storybooks from past semester, you will be creating a Storybook of your own. For that project, you will choose a topic of interest to you, find stories related to that topic, and then retell those stories in your own way. This assignment is the first step in that process, introducing you to some online books that you might want to use for your project. So, as you work on this assignment, please focus on books that you might consider using for your Storybook project in this class. Then, in Week 2, you will begin the process of defining an actual Storybook project, looking not just at online books but also at other online resources that you might find useful.


Bibliography. I recommend that you use a simple form of citation based on the BOOK TITLE, AUTHOR, and YEAR OF PUBLICATION, along with a link to your web source, although for this assignment you do not need to include links in the email you sent to me. For more information, see the Bibliography Guidelines. Sometimes it is difficult to find bibliography information for online resources, but the title, author, and year of publication are required; you may need to use WorldCat or some other online bibliography listing in order to get the information you need. Very occasionally, it is impossible to find a year of publication for an old book, and in that case you can supply some other useful date, such as the years in which the author was active, the year the author died, or something similar that can help to locate the book in time.


Sacred Texts, Sur La Lune, Amazon Kindle, and Google Books


You will be writing up some bibliography citations for this assignment based on materials at several different online book resources (click on the link to see the list of books you can find at each of these sources): Sacred Texts Archive and/or SurLaLune Fairy Tales and/or Kindle books from Amazon. and/or Google Books. The hundreds of books you will see listed at those links are all free!


Please choose THREE different sources from those four options - Sacred Texts, Sur La Lune, Amazon, Google - and from each list pick TWO books that are of interest to you, for a total of SIX books. You will need to write up a Bibliography citation for each of the six books (see the sample entry below). You also need to include a brief comment (two or three sentences is fine) explaining why you chose the book and how it is connected to your interests in mythology and folklore. For each book, make sure that you read a few pages in the book to confirm that the book really holds your interest - don't just choose based on the title!


NOTE: You do not have to have a Kindle to read the Kindle books because you can use Kindle Cloud to read the books in your browser, and there are also great Kindle apps for a wide variety of mobile devices. You do, however, need an Amazon account. If you do not have an Amazon account and do not want to create one, then you can choose your books for this assignment from the Sacred Texts, Sur La Lune, and Google Books lists. For those of you who like to do reading on a mobile device, I would highly recommend that you explore the Kindle books - it really is a fantastic option for reading on a mobile device! (I read Kindle books on my iPod and on my iPad.)


Here is a sample entry; you will have six of these entries when you are done:



Book Title: Legends of the Kaw - Folk-Lore of the Indians of the Kansas River Valley

Book Author: Carrie de Voe

Year Published: 1904

Book Comments: This is a collection of stories from different Native American tribes who lived in the Kansas territory, and I am very interested in Native American traditions. I found stories here as told by the Pawnee, Sioux and Osage Indians (plus several more tribes) - and by the Kaw, whom I had never heard of before. I didn't even know this was how Kansas got its name!


When you are done, send me your SIX book entries in an email. Please do not send an attachment - just paste the six different entries into the body of your email message. Give your email a subject line that reads: Storybook Bibliography.


There is NO Gradebook Declaration for this assignment. After you submit the assignment, I will send it back to you with comments via email. When I send you back the comments, I will also record the points for you in the Gradebook. Depending on when you turn the assignment in, you might have to wait on my comments, but you can check to make sure I received your assignment by looking at the Assignment Stack. Meanwhile, keep going! You are done with Week 1 now, and the Week 2 assignments are ready to go!




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