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Storybook: Final Introduction


When you add the final story to your Storybook, you need to revise the Introduction, too! So, here are the instructions for revising the Introduction, along with an extra set of questions to answer.


If you have been doing revisions to your Introduction with each new story, you may not need to make any changes. If, however, you have not checked on the Introduction as you have added your stories, there may be some revisions you need to make. If your revision was very short to begin with, now is the time to develop it more fully based on how your project has turned out and the stories you have included.  So, take a look at the Introduction and see what you think. Proofread it carefully, examining it with a critical eye to make any last changes now that the final story is done.


Here are the questions you need to answer. If you are turning this in with a story assignment, just add these questions to your other email. If you are turning this in as a separate assignment, you need to copy-and-paste the questions below and confirm that the answer to all the questions is "yes" before you turn in the assignment. You do not have to put a "yes" next to each one; it's fine if you say "answer to all is yes," or something like that. Please give the email a subject line based on the class you are enrolled in: MythFolklore Storybook Introduction DONE - Indian Epics Introduction DONE.


The answer to each question must be YES in order to turn in the assignment:

1. Does Coverpage navigation contain a link to your REVISED Introduction?
2. Did you spellcheck your revised Introduction before publishing it?
3. Did you proofread your revised Introduction by reading it out loud to yourself?
4. Does your revised Introduction include at least one image with complete image information?

5. Is your revised Introduction 400-1200 words long?  



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