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Tech Tip: Typing in Your Browser


I don't know about you, but I sometimes get frustrated type in webpage forms (like comments boxes, etc.). The font is small, the space is small; it's just not always a nice place to type. For this Tech Tip, you will copy and paste a snippet of HTML code into your browser address bar and then save it as a bookmark. Then, whenever you want a place just to type and then copy-and-paste what you typed, you can click on the bookmark and enter your typing space.


Here's how it works: 


Step 1. Copy Code: Open a new tab, and paste this code into the address bar; you will just see a blank screen.


data:text/html, <body contenteditable style="font: 2rem/1.5 monospace;max-width:60rem;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;">


Step 2: Save Bookmark. Now, save that page as a bookmark. Since I use this so often, I have it right there on my bookmark bar so I can access it with just one click any time.


Step 3. Type. Go ahead and type in the space. You'll see how it works. The font is huge and easy-to-read. If you have a spellcheck feature in your browser, it will work here, underlining any misspelled words. You can also use a browser extension to do a word count.



Finishing Up: Write a blog post with your thoughts on where and how you like to type online. Is this little tool something that would be useful to you? When you need to type something right now, what application on your computer do you usually use? For the title, use the phrase "Tech Tip: Browser Typing" in your blog post title and "Tech Tip" as the label on the post; then you can do the Declaration!



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