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Tech Tips: Browser Tune-Up


As part of the Tools assignment during the Week 1 Orientation, there was some information provided about browsers: how to work with browser bookmarks and also how to set up your browser to help with doing a spellcheck and a word count.


For this Tech Tip, you will work through that material again, making sure you are good to go with browser bookmarks, spellcheck and word count. Here's the information you need:

BROWSER TUNE-UP (scroll down the page to find the right section; details there about different browsers, etc.)


So, this assignment has three parts:


STEP ONE: Browser Spellcheck. Make sure you have either turned on the spellcheck feature in your browser, or that you have installed some kind of extension to help with a spellcheck (just speaking for myself, the red-squiggly underline provided by the browser is all I want/need).


STEP TWO: Browser Word Count. Install an extension in your browser so that you can do a word count of your work with a simple highlight and click.


STEP THREE: Browser Bookmarks. Learn about browser bookmarks and, if you do not already have a folder for your bookmarks related to this class, make a folder.


To finish up, write up a blog post with how this process went for you. Did you learn anything new? Do you have any browser productivity tips that you want to share?


Include the phrase "Tech Tip: Browser Tune-Up" in your blog post title and use "Tech Tip" as the label on the post; then you can do the Declaration. 


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