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Technology Tips: Ninja Text


This is another weird-but-cute text generator which takes a line of text and has it animated by a ninja writer; there's a similar option with a wizard.



Thank you for reading.


STEP ONE. Just go to the Fodey.com site and fill in the box with the words you want to animate. Click Generate! to see the image, and right-mouse click on the image to save it. You don't need to use the code provided there; this is a really old website, and modern browsers can handle an animated gif file just fine. So, all I did was right-mouse click on the animated image to save it to my desktop and then upload it here.


STEP TWO. After you've generated your animated image, publish a blog post titled Ninja Text Tech Tip and share the image that you created! Do you know of another animated text generator like this one, or something similar? Share any similar tools that you would like to recommend. Be sure to use the "Tech Tip" label so you can keep track of all your Tech Tip posts.


Finishing Up. That's all there is to it! After you've shared your image in a blog post, you're ready to do the Declaration.



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