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Tech Tips: Creative Commons Browser Extension


In addition to going to the Creative Commons website for an image search, you can also install a browser extension to have even quicker access to Creative Commons images that are licensed for reuse. The extension is available both Firefox and Chrome. It's something new, just released in January 2020!


For this tip, you will add the browser extension to your browser and try out some of its features. If you haven't done the Creative Commons Image Search tip yet, I'd suggest doing that first; you can do both tips at once if you want (and declare them for this week and also the next week; all the weeks in Canvas are ready to go).


STEP ONE: Add the extension. 


Use the link provided for your browser: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. The defaults is for the most general Creative Commons search (you can use the Options to restrict to commercial reuse etc.) and all Creative Commons licenses (you can restrict to public domain, etc.) and all providers. For this class, the default options should work fine!


STEP TWO: Learn features. 


This page has an overview of the browser extension features: Key features of the CC Search Browser Extension. The basic idea is that when you click the extension icon in your browser bar, it pops up a search box like this:



That means you can search for images without leaving the webpage you are on. When you find an image you want to use, the extension has the download option there, so you can download the image and then upload it to your blog post or webpage, and it also provides the attribution information that you can copy and paste. 


STEP THREE: Write a blog post.


Write a blog post and using the extension while you are writing the post. Here's a post I did that way; it worked great! Blog Post Using CC Extension. Let me know what you think of this extension; speaking for myself, I think I am going to be using this a lot. It is so convenient to do all the searching and downloading right there, without having to leave the page where I'm doing my writing.


Finishing Up: After you publish your blog post, you are good to go! Use the phrase "Tech Tip: Creative Commons Browser" as your blog post title and "Tech Tip" as the label; then you can do the Declaration. 



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