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This is an extra credit assignment with two parts: a class "what's the mood?" survey for life and school in general (totally anonymous, so feel free to vent also; venting sometimes helps!), and then a collaborative Padlet where we can connect and share feel-good music, uplifting graphics, helpful infographics: something that is helping you cope with this impossible semester that others might find useful too! I hope you will want to do this each week; I know I will be doing this one weekly just to check in and share. :-)


Here's how it works:


STEP 1: Anonymous survey. I've embedded the survey down at the bottom of this page, and you can also find it online here: Stress Check Survey. I'll share the overall results each week. It will be a big help to me to get a sense of the class stress level this way. I've never seen a semester like this, and I know the experience is going to be different from everybody, with more stress or less stress based on each person's situation. It's just got one question about stress level, plus a place where you can vent (optional).


... and remember: if you are stressed about something to do with this class, please contact me directly (email or Canvas message); online classes are super-flexible, and I'm sure we can find a good solution to any problem!


STEP 2. Connection Padlet. You will see the Connection Padlet in Canvas, and you can also access it directly here: Check-in/Connection Padlet. You can include your name, and your blog address too if you want, or just post anonymously. That's totally up to you! To use Padlet, just click on the pink buttton in the lower right-hand corner. You can type text, create links, upload a graphic, include a video... it's pretty user-friendly, but if you are not sure how to make your addition to the Padlet, just let me know! To add a video, just paste in the YouTube address, and it will display the video.


After you've done the survey and added something to the Padlet, you're good to go:



SURVEY: I completed the survey.

PADLET. I added a graphic or video to the Padlet.




Here's the survey: don't forget to click SUBMIT at the bottom when you're done!

(you may need to reload the page to get the form to redisplay after you've filled it out previously)




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