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Technology Tips: Choose a Gmail Theme


Make sure you do the GoogleDocs Tech Tip first, before you do any other tips this semester.


If you are like me, you have your email program open a lot of the time. So, for me, choosing a good theme for the appearance of my web-based email is really important. In this tip, you will choose a theme for your Gmail.


NOTE: If you are using a Google account that is linked to another email, just go to Gmail.com, and you will be prompted to create a Gmail address to use for your existing Google account. When you do that, the Gmail address will become the primary address for your Google account, and you will use it to log in to Google, instead of the other email address you were using.


Choosing a Gmail theme. After you log on to your Gmail account, go to the Tool-Gear icon in the upper-right hand corner of the Gmail screen, and then choose Mail Settings. Then click on the Themes tab. You will see lots of themes to choose from. Some are really simple, and others are more flashy. Some of them change during the time of the day (you enter your location so Gmail knows if it is daytime or nighttime where you are).


So, give the themes a try and find one you like. Then, send me a screenshot of what your theme looks like - you can just send me the top part of your screen; you don't need to show me what your email inbox looks like. Here's a sample screenshot of my theme, which is called "Turf" (it's kind of weird, but I really like it; I've been using it all summer):



Make sure you use this subject line for the email: TechTip Gmail Theme.


When you have sent in the email, you can enter this tip on your GoogleDocs Checklist and then do the Gradebook Declaration for Extra Credit. Here is the text of the Gradebook Declaration you will complete:



I have completed the Technology Tip assignment and sent the instructor an email as required.



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