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Technology Tips: Podcast with iPadio


The iPadio website is a U.K. based service, totally free, which allows you to record audio by making a telephone call and have the audio published online as a podcast or what they call a "phlog" (a phone blog). Here's an example of how I am using iPadio to record the Latin text for some fables I am publishing online: The Fable of the Wolf and the Sow. If you look at the blog, you can see the text and the audio together:



If you want to give iPadio a try, just go to the iPadio.com registration page and complete the form.


You will then get an email from iPadio with the toll-free number in the U.S. for you to call, along with your 4-digit PIN. The email contains all the information you need to make your first recording. Just dial the number, enter the PIN, and make your recording and press the pound key when you are done (the Brits call it the "hash" key).


The audio will then be displayed on your profile page, which should look something like this: screenshot. As you can see, for each iPadio podcast, there is a "short URL" listed. Please send me that URL so that I can access your recording. Make sure you use this subject line for the email: TechTip iPadio.


When you have sent in the email, you can do the Gradebook Declaration for Extra Credit. Here is the text of the Gradebook Declaration you will complete. If you enjoyed this tip, maybe you will want to learn how to embed your iPadio recording in your GoogleSite... here's the Tech Tip for GoogleSites Audio!



I have completed the Technology Tip assignment and sent the instructor an email as required.



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