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Myth-Folklore Projects


Check out the Indian Epics projects too!



Aaron: The Myths of V (Wall)
Ashley: Goddesses in the Sky (Wall)
Ashten: OU Ghost Stories (Wall)
Bailey: Mermaids and the Men that Love Them (Wall)
Brooklin: Hybrid Creatures (Wall)
Cady: Women of the Iliad (Wall)
Catherine: Mayan Folktales (Wall)
Chris P.: The Best Trickster (Wall)
Chris Y.: Kintaro Saves the Galaxy (Wall)
Christian: The Chronicles of Creation (Wall)
Clay: The Untold Tales of Captain Jack Sparrow (Wall)
Daphne: Daphne's Library (Wall)
David: From the Sea, with love (Wall)
Deepa: The Mythology of Animal Crossing (Wall)
Drew: Drew's Stories (Wall)
Grant: The Odyssey: Bonus Tales Edition (Wall)
Jack: JLE Portfolio (Wall)
Jennifer: Astrology Myths (Wall)
Jess: A Changeling Saga (Wall)
Jordan: Myth Portfolio (Wall)
Justin: Adventures of the Blue Legends (Wall)
Kat: Botanica Fantastica (Wall)
Kenzie: Percy Jackson's Tales of the Sea (Wall)
Kyra: The Girl Who Lived With Fairies (Wall)
Landon: A Dog's Journey (Wall)
Lanney: Here Come the Floods (Wall)
Laura: Trickster Tales from Africa (Wall)
Lauren: King Arthur and The Star Quest (Wall)
Lewis: A Giant Gathering (Wall)
Madison: The Runaway Princesses (Wall)
Nic: Norse Legends and Gods (Wall)
Rachael S.: Opossum Tales (Wall)
Rachel F.: Women of Strength (Wall)
Reid: Underworld Stories (Wall)
Sara: Wedding Urban Legends (Wall)
Savannah: Sav's Cryptid Safari (Wall)
Sydnee: Syd's Stories (Wall)
Taeam: Simu's Portfolio (Wall)
Tony: Japan's Grotesque Yurei (Wall)
Wesley: Portfolio whynotwes2.0 (Wall



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