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GoogleSites: Adding Content to a GoogleSites Webpage


When you look at any page at your GoogleSite, you have the option to Edit that page (other people who are viewing your pages do not see the Create Page or Edit Page or Actions buttons). Just click the "pencil icon" to begin editing.



You can type text and format it using the editor provided:



CREATING LINKS. To create a link to a webpage, first type the link text that the user will click on. Then, highlight the text, and  click on the "Link" icon in the editing bar. By default, GoogleSites thinks you want to create a link to a page in your site. To create a link to an external page instead, you will need to indicate that you want to link to a webpage; when you select "WEB ADDRESS" then the box will let you insert the webpage address. Make sure you click OK at the bottom of the window to complete the process of inserting the link.



ADDING IMAGES. To add an image, click on the Insert menu, and choose image. Make sure that you UPLOAD AN IMAGE FROM YOUR COMPUTER to your page; do NOT use the "web address option." You need to have the image you want to use saved on your computer; then upload it using the dialogue box provided (to save an image to your computer from the Internet, just right-mouse click on it and save it somewhere convenient, such as to your desktop). Also, make sure the image is the right size for the space available (resize the image if needed). Don't forget to include the Image Information, too! You can put the image information down at the bottom of the page so that it does not detract from your image; the only requirement is that you have the information somewhere on the page - it does not need to be next to the image at all.



Make sure you click Save at the end to save your final changes.




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