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Amber Greek Goddesses on Trial
Andrew Tales of Norse Mythology
Anthony The Adventures of Prometheus
Ashleigh Why Do Animals Do That?
Ben Birdwell Werewolves on Campus
Ben Bridell Monsters of the Odyssey
Ben Mayer Fairy Tales: The Other Side
Brandi Hercules' Great Adventure
Buzz Greek Gods Galore
Carly Blackbeard the Wretched Pirate
Chad Robin Hood Stories
Courtney Salon 205: An Underwater Mermaid Beauty Salon
Diana Bad Girls Bible Club
Drew A Meeting of the Gods: Some Unlikely Pairings
Heather Jataka Tales: A Collection of Jataka Animal Stories
Jeff Memoirs of a Cursed Man
Jennifer Native Creation Myths: Dream or Reality?
Jordan Bullpen Chatter: In the Beginning
Justyn The Diary of Alex, Frankly
Kacey Transcending the Afterlife: Ghost Tales from Northern Europe
Karlie Lunar Legends
Katelynn Scary Urban Legends
Laci Fairy Tale Heroines
Lauren Not-So-Sweet Fairy Tales
Leslie Dead Men Tell No Tales
Libby Creation Stories From Coast to Coast
Mandi The Story of Mermaids
Marika Many Faces of Cinderella
Melissa News Channel KJVB: Reporting Your Favorite Bible Stories!
Nicolas The Beautiful Truth
Nicole No, No, You've Got It All Wrong: The Creation of Myth
Nusaybah 1001 Arabian Nights
Paul Cronos: Most Dysfunctional Family Ever?
Riane Warrior Women in History
Richard King Arthur Revealed
Spencer Freaked Out
Stacy The "Bad" Guys of the Bible: Their Side of the Story
Tara Animal Adventures
Taylor Diaires of Fairy Tale Heroines
Tyler The Band of Pirates
Zainab Tales of Magic Rings




Aaiza Adventures of Lord Vishnu
Aditi Om Namah Shivaya: Dreams about Shiva
Audry Not Myself Today
Ben Epic Indian Battles
Bhavin Brotherly Love: The Relationships of Rama and his Brothers
Bri Karma's Mysterious Ways
Brian The Tales of Lord Shiva
Chris K. Entering Again Again: The Nysrogh Letters
Chris T. Epic Love Stories
Dhara A Disney Retelling: Karma in the Ramayana
Diondra Ramayana Death Stories
Emily Deaths of Demons in the Ramayana
Jasmyn Player One vs. MAYA
Jay Tales of Shiva
Jeff Rama: The Demon Hunter
Jess Stories about Karma from the Office of a Guidance Counselor
Katy Brothers Forever: Tales of an Unbreakable Bond
Lauran Karma Dreams
Lisa My Mystical Travels in India
Maggie Reincarnation in the Indian Epics
Marika Brothers: A Love-Hate Relationship
Nisha The Adventures of Hanuman
Rosa Women of Epic Proportions
Sam Sita's True Beauty Salon
Sarah Epics of India: Birth Stories
Savanna Vishnu's Lifetime Achievement Ceremony
Sejal The Emotions of the Ramayana: Humbleness, Love, Jealousy, and Anger
Taylor The Tales of Rama
Zach The Legend of the Great Bow Kodanda



Amy Blackbeard: The Story of Edward Teach
Bethany Fairy Tales from Around the World
Boone Tales of the Ancient Egyptians
Brianne Adventures in Wonderland
Brittany Creation Stories from Oceania
Erica Lancelot and Guinevere
Grayson Tales of Roman Emperors
Hoang A Tortoise's Story
Jacklyn The Diaries of Andersen's Girls
Jamie Aesop's Eagle
Katie A God Scorned, Or: How the Greek Gods Need Family Therapy Really Badly
Lauren D. Old Cat + New Puppy + Aesop's Fables = Life Lessons
Lauren J. Moreau Mythology
Lindsey Joseph Jacobs' Royal Families
Melissa Tales of Greek Mythology
Sara P. F. Child Case Files
Sarah A. A Tribute to the Lives of Heroes
Sarah D. Nature Tales of China
Will Creatures in Brazil
Yuseli Courageous Women of the Bible


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