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Word Counter and Spellcheck Suggestions


WORD COUNT. Here is a Word Counter you can use; just copy-and-paste into the box. Even better: add a word count extension to your browser.



SPELLCHECK. To check your spelling when you are using Blogger or Google Sites, you have these different options:


  • The best option is to activate the spellcheck feature in your browser. Check your browser preferences to see what options are available to you. In Chrome, for example, go to Chrome - Preferences - Advanced - Privacy to enable Google spellchecking. 
  • You can use GoogleDocs, which has a built-in spellcheck feature, along with a word counter. 
  • You can use After The Deadline, which is a spellchecker that also provides other writing suggestions. As such automated services go, ATD is pretty good. Most importantly, it is a clean and simple interface, with spelling errors underlined in red.




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