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About the Comics Widget


You know how some faculty members have cartoons all over their office doors to keep you entertained while you wait in the hallway? Well, welcome to my virtual office door! Over the years I've collected over 600 cartoons (largely thanks to my husband, who sends me LOTS of them) having to do with folklore and mythology, or with animals, or with technology, or with school... and I've put them into a widget that will pop a comic up here at random for you to enjoy! (You'll also see them popping up the Ning, too, and on the front page of this wiki.) Just press "refresh" to see another one at random. If you want to make a cartoon widget like this for your own use, it's easy: I use a free tool called RotateContent.com, which you can use, too! No javascript programming skills required; it creates the javascript for you!





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