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Tech Tips: Einstein Chalkboard


If you are telling a story that has a good moral at the end, you could have Albert Einstein write the moral on the chalkboard! In this assignment, you will create your own Einstein image using the Einstein Generator, and maybe you will want to use your image in one of your stories for class. There are lots of these types of generators out there; the Einstein one is an old favorite of mine. 


STEP ONE: Use this link to the Einstein Generator. Type your text in the box provided, paying attention to the layout. Where you type your text, along with blank lines and spaces in the box, will determine just where the results show up on the chalkboard. When you are done, click Preview Image. If you like the results, save the image to your computer.


Here is an example:



STEP TWO: After you've created your image, create a blog post with the title Einstein Tech Tip, and include your Einstein image in the post. Use "Tech Tip" as the label for the post.


Finishing Up. That's all there is to it! After you've shared your image in a blog post, you're ready to do the Declaration.



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