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Tech Tips: Fake Twitter and Other Social media


There are lots of great fake social media generators for Twitter, Facebook, etc. For this tip, I've written up instructions for Zeoob, but feel free to use whatever fake social media generator you prefer; you can search Google to find lots more possibilities. (And thanks to student in class who pointed out that the old generator here was not working well; I hope people will like Zeoob but if not, then let me know if you do find one you like!)


STEP ONE: Go to Zeoob and choose your platform. I chose Twitter to make a tweet for a story I wrote. The editing happens in the two left panels, and you see the results in the right panel.



STEP TWO: When you are done, click save and then download.


FInishing Up. To finish up, create a blog post with the title Fake Social media Tech Tip, and include the image you created. Let us know what generator you used. For the label, use "Tech Tip." After you publish your post, you can do the Declaration. 



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