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Technology Tips: Google Docs Webpages*


One of the many features of Google Docs is that it allows you to publish a Google Doc online as a webpage, something with a webpage address that allows anybody to see the document, just like a regular webpage. Although you probably would not want to build a whole website this way (Google Sites is a better tool for building an actual website), if you do have a single document you want to share online as a webpage, Google Docs is a quick and easy way to do that. For example, the Storybook Stack that I share with you all so you can check to see that I got your Storybook email is an example of a Google Doc published as a webpage, and so is the Table of Contents for the Myth-Folklore Un-Textbook. For this tip, you will create a Google Doc and publish it as a webpage, and then you will include a link to the webpage in a blog post.


STEP ONE: CREATE A GOOGLE DOC. At a minimum, type some text there. If you want, add images, links, any of the features available there in the Google Docs editor. Make sure you also type something in the title area of the document (upper left-hand corner).


STEP TWO: PUBLISH DOCUMENT. Click on the blue Share button in the upper right-hand corner of the document. Click on the "change" link to change the Private setting to Public, and then save this change. That will then give you access to the link (the link is really really REALLY long). So, copy the link and then click done. You can also get the link address from the browser bar of the document at any time, just like for any webpage.



STEP THREE: POST LINK. After you have created a document and shared it to make it public, create a blog post with the title Google Doc as Webpage Tech Tip. Then use the long Google Doc URL to create a link to your Google Doc webpage. Here's my sample blog post. You might want to use the "Tech Tip" label so you can keep track of all your Tech Tip posts.


Finishing Up. After you have published the link to your webpage, you're done! Don't forget to do the Declaration.

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