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Technology Tips: Video Gif Maker


For this Tech Tip, you will choose a few seconds of a YouTube video in order to create an animated gif. Here's an animate gif of Eowyn battling the Witch-King: "I am no man!" she shouts! :-)



Step One: Start by finding the YouTube video you want to use. For example, I made my Eowyn gif from this YouTube video: Eowyn Battles the Witch-King.


Step Two: Go to the MemeCenter's Gifmaker. Select "Created Animated Gif" and then choose the option to create the animated gif from a YouTube video. You need to paste in the YouTube video address. This will load the video, and you can then set the start and stop times for the animated gif. You can adjust the sliders very precisely by typing in the actual numbers for the seconds and milliseconds. When you are done, click "Add Video" and that will take you to the next editing screen. Click Save Gif and then follow the instructions to save the file to your computer.



Step Three: Post reply in Ning Tech Tip Discussion Board. There is a Ning discussion board where you can post Tech Tip items by "replying" to the discussion board: Tech Tips Discussion Board Forum. For this Tech Tip, you need to post a reply which contains your animated gif. You should also include a link to your YouTube video source, plus a link to the MemeCenter's Gifmaker. Then, after you are done, you might enjoy taking a look at the animations that people might have shared there, and you can make replies to their replies if you want of course.


When you are done, you can enter this tip on your GoogleDocs Checklist and then do the Gradebook Declaration for Extra Credit. Here is the text of the Gradebook Declaration you will complete:



I have completed the Technology Tip assignment following the instructions provided.



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