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Tech Tips
: Online Typing Test


If you are curious about your typing speed and accuracy, there are lots of online typing tests available. For this tip, I explored some different typing tests online, and the one I liked best was KeyHero.com because the ads were less intrusive than at other sites. 


STEP ONE: Do a test. For this tip, I would like you to give KeyHero.com a try — or use any typing test that you find online which appeals to you — and see what your results are like. This is what results look like from KeyHero; the color coding shows where you were slow or fast, made errors, etc.




STEP TWO: Try another test (optional). Use Google to search for "typing test online" and find some other online typing test to try. Then, after you are done, compare your experience/results with that test to the first site you used. Are the results consistent? Do you have a sense of what kind of test is a better measure of your actual typing skills?


STEP THREE: After you're done testing your typing, create a blog post with the title Typing Test Tech Tip, and "Tech Tip" for label. In the post, say which site(s) you tried and what you liked/disliked about the tests and the results. Would you like to improve your typing speed and/or accuracy? Have you ever spent time working on your typing in an effort to improve? My impression is that good typing really is a big plus for schoolwork, along with good reading skills. What do you think?


Finishing Up. After you've done the blog post, you're good to go! Don't forget to fill out the Declaration.



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