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Technology Tips
: Google Forms


Google Forms is one of the most powerful features of the GoogleDocs system. With Forms, you can create an online form for people to fill out, and then the information they enter into the form is recorded automatically in a GoogleDoc spreadsheet inside your GoogleDocs. You can use Google Forms to gather all kinds of information, such as polls, surveys - anything at all where you want users online to enter information which you then collect and analyze. I did a survey to ask people what Storybook project I should do this semester, for example: Week 2 Brainstorming... with Poll.


For this Tech Tip, you will create a simple poll using Google Forms and then share the link to your form in a blog post, or you can embed the form right there in the post. Either way works!


Here is how to create your own Google Form:


1. Create Form. You need to be logged in at Google, and then just go to Form.New. That's all you need to do to create a new form.


2. Add Title and Question. Give your form a title, and you can also choose a theme if you want. Then you can add a question. 


3. Add More. You can add more questions, and you can also add other items, like an image. 


Then, when you are done, click "Send Form" in the upper right-hand corner. You can get the link to the form by clicking on the link icon:


You can also get the embed code if you want to embed the form right there in your blog post. If you do that, change the width to 400 pixels (or whatever will fit in your blog post).


When you are done, share a link to your form in a blog post



I have completed the Technology Tip assignment following the instructions provided.







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