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Extra Credit Blog Comments


If you like reading and commenting on other people's blogs, you can do extra commenting any week you want, leaving FOUR comments total, just like for the regular commenting assignment. But here's the difference: when you are doing the regular commenting, the randomizer assigns the blogs, but with the extra credit commenting it's all up to you. Here are some different options you can try: 


Jump in the blog stream! If you go to the Canvas site for the class, you will see a left-hand menu item labeled "Blogs" which shows you the latest posts: Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics. By default it shows 50 items; you can click a link at the bottom for the next 50 items. You can browse the stream to find posts that interest you. 

Read more stories
. If you like reading the stories, you can use the Comment randomizer to see more stories, or you can see the complete list as a table: Myth-Folklore and India.


Meet new people. For this option, you can look at blogs in class that you have not looked at before. Given how large these classes are, you will probably have new people to meet all the time. Here is the Class Directory. You can also use this option to connect with people who have left a comment on your blog but whose blogs you have not visited (yet).


Reconnect. For this option, you can reconnect with people you have met already. This works really well if you have bookmarked the blogs of people you want to stay connected with. Alternatively, if you remember their name, you can find the person's blog again, look them up in the Class Directory


When you are done, don't forget about the Declaration:



I followed the instructions to leave FOUR comments at people's blogs.

Each of my comments is at least 60 words long.





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