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Technology Tips
: Tweet from INSDIDE a widget


As I've mentioned in the Twitter Widget Tech Tip, I think widgets are one of the most powerful features of Twitter. For this tip, I will show you how you can tweet from inside widget. For example, you can tweet me from right inside the Twitter widget in the Class Announcements blog! Here's how that works:


STEP ONE: Go to the Class Announcements blog and look for the "tweet" box at the bottom of the Twitter widget in the sidebar:


STEP TWO: Click inside that box and type a message to me — a question, a comment, anything at all. As you can see, the box automatically includes my Twitter handle (OnlineMythIndia is the name of my class Twitter account), and it also alerts you as to which Twitter account you are logged into, displaying your avatar in the upper right-hand corner (you have to be logged in to Twitter for this to work). When you are done, hit Tweet. You will see the tweet show up in your Twitter timelines if you go look at your own Twitter stream, and I will also get a notification about it since you have @OnlineMythIndia in the tweet.



Finishing Up. If you tweeted me a message using the box in the Twitter widget, you're done — and if you ever want to get a message to me, this is a good way to do that! During evenings or weekends, email is better, but during the work week, I'm checking Twitter periodically all day when I am at my desk, which means I'll see your tweet pretty quickly. :-)



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