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Blogger Links


When you create Blogger links, it's better to use LINK TEXT instead of the raw URL, so that your reader sees meaningful text rather than the computer http code.


LINK TEXT: University of Oklahoma website


RAW HTTP: http://www.ou.edu


Here is how to create a link:


STEP ONE: Type the link text in the post box. 



STEP TWO: Highlight the text.



STEP THREE: While the text is highlighted, click the link that says "Link," and then paste in the URL (http) into the dialogue box. Click OK at the bottom of the box when you are done.



STEP FOUR: You have now created a link which you can test, change, or remove as necessary.



Make sure the link works by publishing your post and then clicking on the link. If there is a problem, you can edit the post so that the link is working the way you want.

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