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Blog Checklist


Please take a few minutes to look at your blog and check on these items:


1. Profile. Have you configured (or removed) your blog profile in the sidebar? You can get more information about that here: Blogger Profile


2. Link Text. Are you using link text to create user-friendly links? Or do you have the raw http code in your posts? If you see some raw http URLs, then you need to edit those posts to create user-friendly links with link text. Here's how to do that: Blogger Links.


3. Labels: Position. Check your sidebar: is the Label widget easy to see either along the side or across the top of your blog? If somehow you accidentally placed the widget way down at the bottom of the page instead of on the side, go to Design-Layout and drag-and-drop the Labels so that they appear in the sidebar.


4. Labels Used. You should now have labels that read Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and so on, along with some assignment labels. The most important label is the Introduction label so that people can find your Introduction quickly and easily, and also the Comment Wall label. Check to make sure you those two labels are working. If you need to change the labels on any post(s), that's easy to do; when you edit the post, you can edit the labels, too.


5. Image Information. Have you provided image information for the images in your blog posts? You can find guidelines here: Image Information



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