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Week 5 Internet: Portfolio Styles Brainstorm


Styles and More Styles. Your Internet assignment this week is to brainstorm some storytelling STYLES that you like — totally separate from any specific topic — so that you can hopefully cover a wide range of styles in your weekly storytelling assignments. The raw material for each week's story will come from that week's reading, but of course the style is completely up to you, and the wider the variety of styles you explore, the more you will learn from creating your portfolio. So, the goal for this week's assignment is to make a list of styles you think you might like to experiment with this semester. That way, if you draw a blank in any given week, you can come back to this assignment and see if there was maybe a style idea you can use!


Styles Already in Mind. Start by making a list of styles you already have in mind that you think you might want to use. That might include some styles from the Storybook brainstorming that you did already. You also might include some styles which you have seen in other students' storytelling posts so far this semester. If you want, you can also browse through the storytelling posts for the classes this semester so far: Myth-Folklore Stories and Indian Epics Stories


Survey the Storybooks. To get some more ideas, try browsing through some Storybooks that use different styles. At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of 25 different Storybooks which each use a distinctive style for the storytelling. Don't worry so much about the content of the stories, but focus in on the styles. Take a look at these, focusing on the ones that grab you because the idea of that particular style appeals to you for some reason, and of course feel free to browse around in any other Storybooks that grab you attention too: Myth-Folklor Storybooks and Indian Epic Storybooks.


Blog Post. After you have a list of at least five or six styles that get your attention, write up a blog post about them, with a few sentences about each style. Some questions you might want to address in the paragraph include: Can you say why you are attracted to this style? Is it reminiscent of some book(s) or movie(s) that you know? Have you used this style or something like it in your writing so far this semester? What kinds of stories do you think this style would be best for? What are the specific strengths of this style? What might be its weaknesses? What do you think are the biggest challenges for the writer who uses this style?


Publish Post. When you are done, you should have four to five good paragraphs, something 600-1000 words in length. Include a link to the relevant Storybook for each one. Be sure to include "Week 5" and "Styles" in the title somewhere, and make sure you label the post "Week 5," but do NOT label this post as "Portfolio" because it is not actually part of your portfolio. I hope this will be a useful post to refer back to as you do your weekly writing assignments, helping you to expand your range of styles, seeking out new styles each week!





Happily Ever After? A Prince's Perspective — plot twist: what if?
Nursery Rhymes Gone Wrong: What Happened Afterwards — twist the plot: sequel
The Trickster of OU — OU setting
Alexander the Great, Reborn! — futuristic setting
The Rumpelstiltskin Show — characters confront the author
Robin of Sherwood: Sherwood's Side of the Story — natural object as storyteller
The Towers that Be — inanimate object as narrators
Tales of Gothic Creatures — campfire stories
Bedtime in Oz — bedtime story
The Cases of Petunia Tabernacle — therapy session
Titan Tales: Brother Therapy — group therapy
Stories from a Celtic Creature Criminal Court Clerk: Fairy Vice Division — court trial
To Sumitra, With Love — letter style
Legendary Heroines: Four Courageous Women — diaries (one story, multiple entries)
Fairy Godmother: Diary Thief — diaries (one story, multiple people)
Flipped Scripts: History, Written by the Vanquished — interview (television)
Delilah's Radio Hour — interview (radio)
Ganges Gazette — newspaper
News Channel KJVB: Reporting Your Favorite Bible Stories! — television news
HGTV: Homer and Garden Television — television show (HGTV)
Fairy Tale Cribs — television show (Cribs)
Greek Game Show — game show (quiz style)
Rate My Rishi — social media (Rate My Professor)
The Husbands of Draupadi — social media (dating site)
Monstrous Beings of Greek Mythology — poetry and prose


Here is the text of the Gradebook Declaration you will complete (you will be affirming the "Portfolio Option" part):



Storybook Option: I have published a Storybook Coverpage with my Storybook title, plus an image and image information, and I have sent the address of my Coverpage to the instructor in an email.


Portfolio Option: I have published a blog post with "Week 5" and "Styles" in the title, per the instructions provided in the assignment.


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