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Dead Week


This is Dead Week, and for this class that means you have the regular assignments available if you need to make up some points you missed earlier in the semester. The week is over at NOON on FRIDAY, so make sure you finish all your work by that final deadline (410-A, 360-B, 320-C); I will be turning in final grades on Friday afternoon. As soon as you are done, complete this form to let me know you are finished.


Also, the course evaluations at eval.ou.edu are still available this week, so I hope you will take a few minutes to fill that out, both for this course and for your other courses too. You might even win an iPad!


Reading - Story - Project - Feedback - Comments - Extra Credit





Click on the link for your class:


Tuesday due date: READING (first half)

4 points  appx. 1-2 hours 
Here are the Reading and Notes guidelines for those of you who will be doing reading this week as you finish up the class.
Wednesday due date: READING (second half) 4 points  appx. 1-2 hours 






Thursday due date: STORYTELLING

4 points  appx. 1 hour

Here are the assignment guidelines for the last Story assignment: Story Lab ...or Story. I'll keep adding stories to the randomizer this week, so if you do write a story this week, you should also be able to get some comments on it too. :-)







Here are the final assignments for the semester, and they are due by Friday at noon at the very latest:



8 points  appx. 60-90 min.

No new stories this week, just revisions! There is a special final revisions assignment for this week: Final Revisions.

PROJECT FEEDBACK 6 points 45 min. - 1 hour

The Feedback assignment is available now, with lots of completed projects for you to enjoy.

BLOG COMMENTS 4 points 30 min. - 45 min.

The Blog Comments assignment is available now.





The regular extra credit options are available this week, and the same deadline applies: Friday noon at the latest.


You can do these extra credit options any time during the week.

Extra Reading. Make up missed reading or explore new topics in your class: Myth-Folklore or Indian Epics.

4 points  45 min. - 1 hour 
Extra Commenting 4 points  30 min. - 45 min.
Tech Tips.  2 points 15 min. - 30 min. 
Growth Mindset/Feedback. 2 points   15 min. - 30 min.
Learning by H.E.A.R.T. 2 points   15 min. - 30 min.
Wikipedia Trails
2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 
These additional extra credit options are for the end of the week OR you can use them at the START of the new week, looking back on the week you just finished:
Famous Last Words 2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 
Back-up and Review 2 points   15 min. - 30 min. 




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