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Page history last edited by Laura Gibbs 4 years, 9 months ago


Week 15 Reading Evaluation


Now that you have finished your reading for the class this semester, I would really appreciate your feedback, especially about anything I can do to improve the class next semester, along with ideas and tips you would share with future students so that they can get the benefit of your experience! I have been working a lot on expanding and improving the reading options in both of these classes, and your feedback will help me figure out the best ways to do that. So, please write up a blog post with your thoughts about the reading for the class.


Here are some general questions about the reading, and any comments you have about the reading would be really helpful!


* What readings did you like best?


* What reading diary strategies were most effective for you?


* What did you think of the overall balance between reading - writing - commenting in the class assignments?


* As you look back from the end of the semester, what advice about the reading do you have for students who will be getting started next semester? 


Declaration. Here is the Declaration you will complete after you have published the blog post:




I have created a new blog post with feedback about the class reading with "Reading" somewhere in the title and "Week 15" as the label.





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