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Indian Epics: Week 6


Dates: For specific dates in this week's schedule, see the Calendar; you can also check due dates in D2L. The noon deadlines on the following day are a grace period for unexpected emergencies; you should try to do your best to get the work done on the day it is due... and hopefully you can get at least a day or two ahead of schedule!

Points and Grading: As Week 6 begins, you should have appx. 165 points if you are aiming for an A in the class (155 if your Week 5 project has not been marked yet). If you are behind, do extra credit this week to make up the gap! For more information, see this Grading Chart.

Week 6 Reading: This week you can continue reading in Buck's Ramayana if you want (Week 6 goes up through the beginning of Rama's war with Ravana, ending with Indrajit's death and Ravana's decision to face Rama himself on the battlefield). As an alternative, you can choose from the India reading units in the Myth-Folklore class, doing one of those reading units for this week, and then choosing another India reading unit next week.

Extra Credit: In addition to the extra credit options you had last week, there is a new extra credit option that will be available each week between now and the end of the semester — Creating the Indian Epics UnTextbook. This is something that students from both classes can participate in since the Indian Epics UnTextbook will consists of India reading units from Myth-Folklore as well as Ramayana- and Mahahbarata-related materials. Your input would be much appreciated!

A Word of Advice: Are you reading the daily class announcements? You can see the class announcements when you log on at Desire2Learn, and you can also subscribe to the announcements by email if you want! That's even an extra credit Tech Tip about subscribing! Especially as the semester gets more and more busy, the class announcements can help you to stay on top of things. For more advice, see The Advice Page. And make sure you also check the class Twitter stream for more information!


Reading/Blogging for BUCK's RAMAYANA:

Due Pts Name Est. Time
MONDAY 3 Reading Diary A post. You need to do the A portion of this week's reading and write your Reading Diary A blog post. appx. 90 min.

Reading Diary B post. Now you need to do the B portion of the reading and write your Reading Diary B post. (If you did not do the Reading Diary A assignment, use the Reading Guide to catch up first.)

appx. 90 min.

Storytelling post. Now write a Storytelling blog post with your own version of an episode from this week's reading.

30 min. - 1 hour

Reading Review. For this assignment you need to review the Reading Guides for this week's reading.

15 min. - 30 min.


Reading/Blogging: UNTEXTBOOK OPTION:


Note that the assignments here are a little different, including the Reading Diary posts, so make sure you read the instructions for the assignments when you do your first UnTextbook unit.


Due Pts Name Est. Time
MONDAY 2 Reading Diary A post. You need to choose an India reading unit from the UnTextbook, read the first half, and write the Reading Diary A post.
appx. 1 hour
TUESDAY 2 Reading Diary B post Finish reading the unit and write the Reading Diary B post.

(Half-Reading Option: If you didn't do Reading A, choose your unit now, read half, and write the Reading Diary A post.)

appx. 1 hour

Storytelling post. Choose a story or episode from the reading and write your own version.

(You must have done at least the Reading Diary A post to do the storytelling.)

30 min. - 1 hour

Reading Review. Let me know what you thought of the reading by filling out this Google Form.

(You must have done at least Reading Diary A to fill out the form.)

appx. 15 min.

Essay OR Reading. You have a choice:

You can write an essay blog post based on various essay options


You can choose another Indian unit, read half, write an Extra Reading Diary post, and then fill out the Google Form for this extra unit.

30 min. - 1 hour


Project/Commenting Assignments:


Due Pts Name Est. Time
FRI/SAT/SUN 3 Blog commenting. Each week, you will be commenting on other students' blogs. The blog assignments are available starting at 6PM on Thursday each week (not earlier).
30 min. - 45 min.
FRI/SAT/SUN 10 Your Project. Check the D2L Gradebook to see what Project assignment you have due, and then follow the instructions for that Project assignment.
1 hour - 2 hours
FRI/SAT/SUN 6 Project commenting. Each week, you will be commenting on other students' Projects. The weekly Project comment assignment is available on Tuesday each week (not earlier).
45 min. - 1 hour


Extra Credit. Extra credit assignments are due by the end of the weekend, with a grace period on Monday morning until noon.


Points Name Est. Time
1 point Technology Tip. There are lots of Tech Tips to choose from! 10-15 min.
2 points More Blog Comments. You can comment on additional blogs for extra credit.
15-20 min.
1-2-3 points Pinterest. You can develop your Pinterest Board(s) for extra credit. 15-30 min.
2 points UnTextbook Feedback. I would really appreciate your feedback in creating new Indian units for the UnTextbook. 15-20 min.
2 points Famous Last Words. Write a blog post looking back on what you accomplished that week. 15-20 min.
1 point Back-Up and Check-Up. Back up your work and check your progress. 10-15 min.


Ready to move on? Here are all the Indian Epics weeks.

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