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Tech Tip: Pinterest Browser Buttons and Bookmarklet


There are browser buttons that can make it even faster to pin webpages to one of your Pinterest Boards. For example, I have a Pinterest button in my Chrome browser bar, for example, so whenever I want to pin a webpage, I just click that button.



You can find Pinterest buttons for all the major browsers, along with instructions for how to install them, at this Pinterest help page: Add a Pinterest Browser Button.


If you prefer, there is also a simple Pinterest Bookmarklet that you can drag-and-drop to any browser's bookmarks bar. If you choose this option, Pinterest will probably prompt you to use the browser button for your particular browser instead, but either option works: browser button or the basic bookmarklet.


So, to complete this Tech Tip, install either the browser button for your browser OR the all-browser bookmarklet. When you are done, pin a few new items to your Pinterest Board by using your new button or bookmarlet.


Blog post. To finish up, write a blog post where you report on your use of the Pinterest browser button or bookmarklet. Which option (browser button or bookmarklet) are you using, and what is your preferred browser? Include a link (or links) with at least one image for some items you added to your Board by using your browser button or your bookmarklet, and make sure to include the phrase "Tech Tip: Pinterest Browsing" in your blog post title and and use "Tech Tip" as as the label on the post; then you can do the Declaration. I hope you will enjoy using Pinterest this way! Whenever there is something I will remember best by seeing the image that goes with it, Pinterest is the bookmarking option I use. :-)


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