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Week 8: Growth Mindset


For this assignment, I'd like you to think about your growth in this class and/or in your other classes and/or in life beyond school.


PART ONE: REVIEW. Go back to your Week 1 post about the Growth Mindset and read that again. If you have been doing other Growth Mindset challenges, read those posts too.


PART TWO: REFLECT. Review the chart below to think about the different dimensions of the growth mindset. You are probably strong on some of these dimensions, and less strong in others, and that also varies in different aspects of your life (in one class versus another, at school versus at work versus in your personal life, etc.).


So, think about these different dimensions of growth as they apply in this class, in your other classes, and in different areas of your life:


doing the minimum pushing yourself to go farther
looking for praise and other rewards finding motivation inside yourself
staying in the comfort zone being willing to try new things
focusing on grades focusing on learning
expecting things to stay the same being ready for things to change
taking a short-term view taking a long-term view
letting others make choices for you setting your own goals
playing it safe taking risks
thinking you are "not good" at something being confident you can improve
choosing what's easy choosing what's hard
wanting to get things right the first time being ready to spend time practicing
doing things at the last minute setting your own schedule and priorities
generally feeling bored and/or frustrated generally feeling curious and/or excited
wanting only positive feedback being open to any and all feedback
being a perfectionist always ready to learn more
feeling defensive about mistakes being willing to learn from mistakes
comparing yourself to others focusing on your own progress
sticking to what you know asking lots of questions


PART THREE: WRITE: After pondering your mindset in these different ways, write up a blog post about your growth strengths and weakness in this class and/or in your other classes and/or in your life in general. Are there things you can do in this class that will build on your strengths? Are there ways you can use this class to work on your weaknesses? The reason this class is designed with lots of choices and options is so that you can shape this class in your own ways, using it as a kind of laboratory to learn and grow. So, use this blog post to think about all that, and then imagine what you can do with the second half of the semester to make it a good experience for learning and growth!


Here are some guidelines for your post:

* Include the phrase "Week 8 Growth Mindset" in your post title somewhere.

* Use the label "Week 8" for your post and "Growth Mindset" also (separated by commas).


Include an image with your post, too, something inspirational that you find online or a motivator that you create for yourself using a tool like Cheezburger, Canva, or some other meme generator.


When you're done with your blog post you can do the Declaration:



I have followed the instructions for the assignment and published a blog post with my thoughts about growth mindset.

POST TITLE: I used the phrase "Week 8 Growth Mindset" somewhere in the post title.

POST LABELS: I used the labels "Week 8" and "Growth Mindset" for the post.

IMAGE: I Included at least one image with image information.


And here's a random growth mindset cat. :-)





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