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Indian Epics Projects: Week 8


Everyone should be in a group; check your name, and then respond to the two other people in your group. Some groups may have just one other person to respond to, which means you may have two free choices (if you are one of the two people listed in the group). For more information, see the Week 8 Project Comments instructions


Allison7 - Amber13 - Anthony12 - Azka13 - Bill8 - Brandon8 - ChristinaD5 - ChristinaV3 - Christine1 - Courtney5 - Dakota3 - Emily13 - Gloria2 - Hilary2 - Jae6 - Jenny1 - Jess5 - Kaylee11 - KelseyL9 - KelseyS7 - Khadija7 - Kristen4 - Lance9 - Leslie1 - Liza-Ann12 - Lynze4 - Marielle9 - Melanie4 - Morgan2 - Nidhi6 - Parth3 - Rachelle11 - Sarah10 - Scott6 - Shane11 - Shelly10 - Tahira8 - Tess10 - Val12

Group 1:
Leslie's Comment Wall: In the Beginning: Creation Stories
Christine's Portfolio
Jenny's Comment Wall: The Girls of Spring
+ one free choice

Group 2:
Hilary's Comment Wall: The Mothers of the Epics
Gloria's Portfolio
Morgan's Comment Wall: Horses Divine
+ one free choice

Group 3:
Parth's Portfolio
ChristinaV's Comment Wall: Kerala: God's Own Country
Dakota's Comment Wall: Tales of Temples
+ one free choice

Group 4:
Kristen's Portfolio
Melanie's Comment Wall: The Bachelor: Epic Couples
Lynze's Comment Wall: Karma for Kids
+ one free choice

Group 5:
Jess's Portfolio
Courtney's Comment Wall: Epic Love
ChristinaD's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 6:
Nidhi's Comment Wall: Fables of Hanuman
Jae's Portfolio
Scott's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 7:
KelseyS's Portfolio
Allison's Comment Wall: Onboard the Spaceship Pushpaka
Khadija's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 8:
Bill's Portfolio
Tahira's Portfolio
Brandon's Comment Wall: Elephants of Indian Epics
+ one free choice

Group 9:
KelseyL's Portfolio
Lance's Comment Wall: Epic Adventures: Ralla's Tall Tales
Marielle's Comment Wall: The Goddess's Safe Haven
+ one free choice

Group 10:
Shelly's Portfolio
Sarah's Comment Wall: Vahana Therapy
Tess's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 11:
Kaylee's Comment Wall: Dai Dreaming: Birth Stories
Rachelle's Portfolio
Shane's Comment Wall: Rama and the Other Avatars
+ one free choice

Group 12:
Val's Portfolio
Liza-Ann's Comment Wall: Ganesha Tales for Children
Anthony's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 13:
Azka's Comment Wall: Kamadeva, Love Doctor
Emily's Portfolio
Amber's Comment Wall: Counseling with the Ramayana

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