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Page history last edited by Laura Gibbs 5 years, 4 months ago

Myth-Folklore Projects: Week 10


Everyone should be in a group; check your name, and then respond to the two other people in your group: make sure you comment on at least one story for any Storybook that has a story (all of them do now). For more information, see the Week 10 Project Comments instructions


IMPORTANTSome of you remarked in your blog posts about commenting last week that you find it hard to write a long comment. If that is the case, review the information providing detailed comments from back in Week 2 and Week 3: Holistic and Analytical Feedback and Feedback about Form and Function. Also, remember that you can read multiple stories, and many of the Portfolios and even the Storybooks do have more than one story for you to read now (and for a Storybook there is always the Introduction to read in addition to the stories, plus the coverpage to comment on).


Adam2 - Andres10 - Annie17 - Avery13 - Brandy3 - Bria10 - Brianne7 - Brittan1 - Brooke14 - Cameron4 - Catherine9 - Chandler10 - Cole15 - Colleen16 - Cooper11 - Danni7 - HeatherB5 - HeatherC17 - Jack6 - Jamison2 - Jessica16 - Joe9 - Krista2 - Landon4 - Lillian4 - Madeline9 - MaKenzi5 - Mary16 - Matt1 - Meghan14 - Michael8 - Nicole8 - Patrick7 - Payne13 - RachelF1 - RachelW14 - Renae3 - SarahB13 - SarahN3 - Shelby11 - Skye12 - Steven11 - Stevi12 - Stoffel6 - Tahira15 - Tatyana8 - TaylorH12 - TaylorP5 - Terrica15 - Tom17 - Will6


Group 1:
Brittan's Portfolio
RachelF's Comment Wall: Valkyrie Flight School 101
Matt's Comment Wall: Jackals of Telekeshi: Tales of the Watering Hole
+ one free choice

Group 2:
Jamison's Comment Wall: Tall Tales of Rasmussen
Adam's Comment Wall: Tales of Revenge in Greek Myth
Krista's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 3:
Renae's Comment Wall: The Fox's Revenge
Brandy's Portfolio
SarahN's Comment Wall: The Insider to the Royals
+ one free choice

Group 4:
Cameron's Comment Wall: Creek Stories
Landon's Portfolio
Lillian's Comment Wall: LSD in a Yellow Submarine
+ one free choice

Group 5:
HeatherB's Portfolio
TaylorP's Comment Wall: MermaidsOnly.com

MaKenzi's Comment WallGrimm High School Reunion

+ one free choice

Group 6:
Stoffel's Comment Wall: Gossip Greeks
Jack's Portfolio
Will's Comment Wall: Legend of "Calico" Jack Rackham
+ one free choice

Group 7:
Danni's Portfolio
Patrick's Comment Wall: What Dante Never Told You
Brianne's Comment Wall: Never-Ending Love Story
+ one free choice

Group 8:
Tatyana's Portfolio
Nicole's Portfolio
Michael's Comment Wall: Mount Olympus Hero of the Year
+ one free choice

Group 9:

Joe's Comment Wall: The Tools of the Last Day
Catherine's Portfolio
Madeline's Comment Wall: Love: Grecian Women Tell All
+ one free choice

Group 10:
Chandler's Portfolio
Andres's Comment Wall: In a World of My Own
Bria's Comment Wall: Finding Your Inner Goddess
+ one free choice

Group 11:
Shelby's Comment Wall: Tragically Ever After

Cooper's Comment Wall: Perseus's Journey

Steven's Portfolio
+ one free choices

Group 12:
TaylorH's Comment Wall: Fairy Rings
Stevi's Comment Wall: Prison of the Wicked Stepmothers
Skye's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 13:
SarahB's Comment Wall: Maggie's Heptameron
Avery's Comment Wall: Chasing a Rabbit Trail
Payne's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 14:
Brooke's Comment Wall: Bible Women: A Talk with God
RachelW's Portfolio
Meghan's Comment Wall: The Centennial Occasion
+ one free choice

Group 15:
Tahira's Portfolio
Terrica's Comment Wall: Past Midnight: Witches Are Out
Cole's Comment Wall: Narrative Maladies
+ one free choice

Group 16:
Mary's Comment Wall: Turtle: Finding a New Home
Jessica's Comment Wall: Tales of a Weary Traveler
Colleen's Portfolio
+ one free choice

Group 17:

Tom's Portfolio
Annie's Comment Wall: Annie in Wonderland
HeatherC's Portfolio
+ one free choice



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