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Final Portfolio Revisions


This assignment has three parts.


Part One: Portfolio Index. Now that you have all your stories completed, check the links to make sure you are working and read through the blurbs you have written. You might want to let people know which story is your favorite and why, or maybe there is something you want to say about your collection of stories overall. Make sure the Index post is at the top of the page when you click on the Portfolio Label link in your blog labels.


Part Two: Bibliography and Image Information. Check each story to make sure that the Bibliography information is complete, and that the Image Information is correct. Are the links working the way you want them to?


Part Three: Final read-through. First, complete any pending revisions you might have from the last assignment you turned in. Then, read through EACH story out loud, making any last changes you want. Depending on how long your stories are, this may take you up to one hour to complete, so make sure you given yourself enough time to complete the assignment. You might not want to do that all at once, especially if you have four or more stories; depending on your powers of concentration, you might just want to read through a couple of stories at a time and take a break before coming back to finish the rest.


Here are the questions you need to answer. Please copy-and-paste the questions below and confirm that the answer to all the questions is "yes" before you turn in the assignment. You do not have to put a "yes" next to each one; it's fine if you say "answer to all is yes," or something like that. Please give the email a subject line based on the class you are enrolled in: MythFolklore Project DONE - Indian Epics Project DONE.


Please confirm that the answer to each question is YES:


Did update the Index post as needed?

Did you complete any pending revisions from a past assignment?

Did you proofread each of your stories by reading them out loud?

Is the Bibliography information for each story complete?
Does each story contain complete Image Information?


CONGRATULATIONS: You have completed your Portfolio!


As soon as you send me the email, you can do the Declaration for your work. Each week the actual project assignment will change, but the Declaration is very generic, and it is the same each time:



I have followed the instructions for this week's Project assignment.

EMAIL. I have sent in the email per the assignment instructions.

SUBJECT LINE. I included the word "Project" in the email subject line.





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