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Tech Tip: Twitter Widget in a Blog Sidebar


This is a Tech Tip for those of you who are Twitter users! For this Tech Tip, you will put a Twitter widget inside your blog sidebar. You can make a widget with your own account, or you can choose to make a widget for some other account, like the OUDaily or your favorite sports team or any Twitter account you want.


STEP ONE: Create and configure widget. In a new browser tab, go to publish.twitter.com, enter the address of your Twitter profile, and then choose "embedded timeline." That is the code you will copy and paste into the HTML box in your blog sidebar.


You can adjust the height if you want with the configuration options; 500 pixels is a good height for a blog sidebar widget.


STEP TWO: Create a sidebar box. Follow the instructions in the Add an HTML Box to Your Sidebar tip in order to create a box to add to your sidebar. 


STEP THREE: Copy and paste the widget. To add the Twitter widget to your sidebar, just copy the widget code from the Twitter Widget Creation page into the HTML box for your sidebar, and then click save. You can drag-and-drop the new sidebar gadget to the location you prefer; by default it goes to the top of your sidebar. Click Save Arrangement, and you should see your Twitter widget displaying in your blog's sidebar on every page of your blog.


STEP FOUR: Blog post. Write up a quick blog post to let people know that you added a Twitter widget to your blog sidebar, and explain why you chose the Twitter widget you did: is it your account? someone else's account? Make sure to include the phrase "Tech Tip: Twitter Widget" in your blog post title and use "Tech Tip" as the label on the post; then you can do the Declaration.



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