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Tech Tip: YouTube Playlist


YouTube is a site where you can find so much good stuff — music, entertainment, news, how-tos, so many things — and YouTube also gives you some great ways to curate and share the videos you like. Of course you can just bookmark videos and save them that way, but if you want to contribute to the overall goodness of the web, you can share your YouTube favorites by having a YouTube channel and creating playlists there of your favorite videos.


To get a sense of how that works, you can take a look at my YouTube channel which I have decided to dedicate to my Indian Epics class, so you will find Indian music there and also India-related videos: my YouTube channel. You'll see I have some other playlists there that are class-related.


For this tip, you'll get your YouTube channel started (if you have never done that before), and then make a playlist. If you already have a YouTube playlist, you are good to go: just skip to the final part of this tip, telling us in a blog post about your YouTube channel and linking to one of your playlists, or — even better — embedding it!


STEP ONE. Log on at YouTube. The YouTube channel is associated with your Google account, so just use the "Sign In" button in the upper right-hand corner when you go to YouTube.com. You can get more information here at the YouTube Help section about how to create a YouTube Channel with your name (not with a business name).


STEP TWO. Create a playlist. It's easy to create a playlist, and there are lots of ways to do that. You can add videos to playlists while you are watching them, and you can even create new playlists on the go like that. If you look below a YouTube video, you will see a little "Add to" button; you can click on that, and just type the name of your Playlist in the box. If the Playlist name is new, you will be prompted to "create" the new playlist, and you can indicate if it is public or private. For this tip, create a public playlist, and add at least three or four videos to the list. Note that you can also include the same video in multiple playlists.



STEP THREE. Create a blog post to share a link to your playlist. Or, you might want to do two-tips-at-once and learn how to embed your playlist in the post: YouTube Playlist Embedded. Say something about the playlist you created and what kind of videos we will find there. 


To finish up, publish your post. Make sure to include the phrase "Tech Tip: YouTube Playlist" in your blog post title and also use "Tech Tip" as the label on the post; then you can do the Declaration!


Here is my Shankar Tucker playlist, embedded here at the class wiki:





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